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Uniquely You Psychology

Uniquely you offers psychological and complimentary therapies for people who want more out of their life. 

If you have ever found yourself saying "there has to be more to life than this?" then my answer to you is YES there is!!!


Are you willing to take a stand for you?

Then let Uniquely You be your guide to find the power within and create a

life worth living.





Medicare rebates, bulk billing and private health subsides may apply.

Individual psychological therapy


For children, adolescent and adults 


Therapy available for mental health disorders including anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, disordered eating, chronic pain, adjustment disorder, sleep issues etc

Emotion regulation skills

Grief counselling

Anger management

Behaviour management for parents of children and young people

Parenting strategies/ support

Mindfulness skills training

Improve self-confidence and self-worth

Dealing with stress and burnout (including HSC stress)


Group Therapy


Rise up and Tame the War Within - 8 week anxiety and depression group. 


Circle of Security - 8 week parenting group to support you in growing confidence in your ability to respond to your child's emotional needs. Become better able to provide a safe, secure and supportive relationship to those closest to you. Learn a shared language for parenting and relationships. 

Building Self Confidence and Self Esteem 8 week group for 12-15 year olds, 16 - 18 year olds and women.

This is ME! Group Program for 8-12 year olds to build self esteem and learn to regulate emotions.


Life Coaching




Alison Bartczak from Humble Healing provides Reiki, counselling and life coaching across the lifespan. 

Alison also provides Emotional  regulation groups and 1:1 therapy through her "This is Me" program for primary and high school students.  

Alison is a registered facilitator of Circle of Security Parenting Program and provides this in both a 1:1, couples and group format. 

Ron Prior Counselling and Hypnotherapy has also joined the team. Ron provides counselling and hypnotherapy across the lifespan. Ron's experience includes but is not limited to; anxiety, depression, stress (including university and HSC) and emotional and behavioural issues. 

Ron also provides hypnotherapy for insomnia, smoking, weight loss, building confidence and more. 

Ron provides relaxation therapy which assists those people with anxiety, stress and living a busy lifestyle




Mums Retreat on the beautiful South Coast. Learn how choosing YOU, is actually choosing your family!

Women's Retreat! 

Are you a women who has  been holding yourself back, dulling your shine and telling yourself your dreams don’t really matter? Has anxiety and the not good enough story been ruling your life. Then this retreat is for you. This is for EVERY woman who is ready to take a stand and choose herself!

Next dates 31st - 3rd November 2019 at the beautiful Mollymook on the South Coast. 


Rise Up


Do you feel trapped in your not good enough story? As women we can feel like we are falling short, unable to live up to societies unrealistic ideals and expectation's. 

Our events are run by women for women with one goal to share our stories, our struggles our triumphs and learn we have always been enough

Contact the service for  details.

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